LO1: Critically evaluate the application of strategic goals to an organisation.


Module code and title:

BAM7039 Sustainable Business Strategy



Assignment No. and type:

CW1: 3000 word - Sustainable strategic plan and reflection

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Submission time and date:

Monday 17th June 2024 @ 14:00

Target feedback time and date:

Monday 8th July 2024 (3 weeks post submission)


Assignment task


Your task is to write a 3000 word (+/- 10%) professional business report using relevant literature and theories. This report is intended for the senior management team of the case company, with the aim of offering actionable recommendations for harnessing sustainability to achieve strategic growth within the rapidly evolving global business environment.order now

You are tasked with developing a comprehensive sustainable business strategy for the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).The strategy should align with the principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability, and consider how to raise awareness of the WFTO activities to engage and inspire young people.Your analysis and recommendations should be evidence-based and consider both internal and external factors.

World Fair Trade Organisation: https://wfto.com/

Report Structure

Introduction to Sustainable Business Strategy

· Brief introduction to the WFTO, the significance of sustainability in business and the importance of WFTO to young people.

Sustainable Business Strategy Frameworks

  • Utilise the SAF framework, McKinsey 7S framework, and Porter’s Five Forces framework to analyse the WFTO`s current position and formulate strategic recommendations.
  • Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Analyse how the WFTO`s strategy aligns with specific SDGs, emphasizing poverty reduction, gender equality, and responsible consumption.
  • Evaluate the potential impact and contribution of the WFTO towards achieving these SDGs.

Sustainable Marketing

  • Examine how marketing can support in raising awareness for WFTO and the social and environmental activities to young people.
  • Examine market research and academic publications to support understanding into the challenges and opportunities for engaging with young people on sustainability and Fair-Trade initiatives.
  • Consider the use of traditional and digital forms of marketing tools for promotion to engage with youth.

Content Creation

  • Using Canva.com develop a social media post and caption that can be used to promote and attract awareness to WTFO for the youth population.
  • Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Application
  • Explore the TBL concept and discuss its relevance to the WFTO.
  • Provide strategies for balancing social impact, financial viability, and environmental stewardship within the WFTO`s operations.
  • Creating Original Sustainable Strategic Goals
  • Develop SMART goals focusing on fair trade certification, supply chain transparency, and community engagement. (Ensure the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound)

Critical Reflection

  • Provide a critical analysis and reflection on the applied tools and strategic models within the sustainable strategic plan.
  • Reflect on the challenges and opportunities faced by the WFTO in implementing the proposed strategy.
  • Conclude with a call to action for the senior management team, highlighting key priorities and next steps.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Ensure all submissions adhere to academic integrity standards and include proper citations and references where necessary, using the Harvard referencing system.
  • Make sure to include market research and academic sources, supported by theoretical models.

Note:  Words used in applied models, tables; charts etc within the main body of the report are NOT included in the report word count.Content placed in the appendices MUST have a clear connection to the main body.  Please do not copy and paste large sections of the work of others into the report and/or the appendix section. All direct and indirect quotes must be accompanied by a reference.  


This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:

LO1: Critically evaluate the application of strategic goals to an organisation.

LO2: Create a sustainable strategic plan for a given multi-national organisation

LO3: Critically reflect on the application of tools and models in the sustainable strategic plan


Practicalities: Referencing, presenting, and submitting your work

Please see your programme handbook for information on the standard referencing style, presentational requirements and process for submitting your work.

Please reference your work according to the Harvard style as defined in Cite Them Right Online (http://www.citethemrightonline.com). This information is also available in book form: Pears, R. and Shields, G. (2019) Cite them right: the essential reference guide. 11th ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Copies are available via the University library.

LO1: Critically evaluate the application of strategic goals to an organisation.

At this level of study, you are required to include a minimum of 1 academic reference per 200 words.This is a minimum number and, to achieve a higher grade, you should expect to use an increased number of academic and professional sources, including books, E-books, articles, journals, and reports.



You are expected to take responsibility for maintaining and managing confidentiality issues in your work. You should maintain and respect confidentiality in relation to the protection of personal, technical and/or commercial information of a sensitive nature in your assessed work, whatever the format.

For further information and guidance, please see the relevant section in your programme handbook.

LO2: Create a sustainable strategic plan for a given multi-national organisation


Academic integrity

Academic integrity means taking responsibility for your own work.

When you submit an assignment, you are making a declaration that it is your own work and that you have acknowledged the contribution of others and their ideas in its development (for example, by referencing them appropriately).

For further information and guidance, please see the University website: https://www.bnu.ac.uk/current-students/registry-helpdesk-and-academic-advice/academic-integrity-and-misconduct 

Please note: This assignment will be marked according to the appropriate Assignment Construction; level of Knowledge and Understanding displayed; Quality of Argument demonstrated; Style and Expression employed; and use of Sources and Referencing.For more samples

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