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Cost and Mode of Payment

If we are not paid in full as agreed upon in writing, we will not begin any work and will only send it out once we have received the whole amount.

Any fees your bank may impose on the transaction are not our responsibility.

Without making any deductions or counterclaims, you shall pay the entire amount due under these terms using the method provided. If we have agreed to repay you, we will return any money owed to you no later than 30 days from that date.


The internet is an open channel and you bear the risk of delivery in cases where you request delivery via email or download directly from our website. We only deliver material electronically; you will not deliver any hard copies to your address.

We guarantee that every task is completed within the given window of time. If this isn`t possible, we`ll send you an email to work out a new delivery date or refund your money, as detailed in the "Price and Payment" section.

If the entire work is not ready for delivery, we could supply the parts in portions.

We will not be responsible for any fees, charges, or losses incurred by you resulting directly or indirectly from any act or omission by you that prevents or delays the execution of our responsibilities under this Contract.

Tariffs, taxes, and import limitations

We are not familiar with the rules in your nation, thus it is your responsibility to buy online assignments that you are authorized to import and to pay any import taxes or other levies that may be applicable in your home country.

Return of works

Since we are creating a solution based on the specifications you have supplied, you are unable to cancel the online assignment help that we have given you. After our automated order acceptance mail delivery system has sent you a letter. We take no responsibility for lost mail.

Since the experts` bandwidths are reserved shortly after the work has been confirmed, all works are non-refundable. Furthermore, the works we offer you are customized and produced to your exact specifications. Please use our complaints form to submit any grievances you may have to our complaints department. Instead, you can send us an email at abc@example.com. If you notify us of any reason for discontent within the allotted timeframe, we will make every effort to address your complaint within 28 working days.

The payment processors and service providers connected to our platform have already received the terms pertaining to payments. In unusual cases, we may issue a refund based on the financing unit input and our rapport with the consumer.

If, within 7 days of the order`s delivery, you inform us that your initial specifications were not satisfied, we will make every attempt to arrange for the Writer to finish your online assignment writing help. In the event that you do not contact us within this timeframe, it will be presumed that you accept the Works as satisfying your demands.

You must provide us your original email with your request and explicitly explain in writing what the Writer missed while alerting us that your original requirements were not fulfilled. Since changes will only be made once, you must make sure you have read the entire Works and addressed every topic before submitting a request for an amendment.

We may issue you an estimate for these extra revisions if your amendment request is not in accordance with your original order criteria or is submitted after the deadline indicated in the time clause. Any such changes will only be made after full payment has been received, and they are contingent to the Writer`s availability to make the changes within the prearranged timeframe.

Dispute Settlement

Should a disagreement arise from these conditions or any contract between you and us, you consent to first attempting to resolve the issue through a good-faith mediation process with us before initiating arbitration or legal action.