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In any case, to you as a customer or potential customer of our online assignment help; and insofar as the circumstances permit: to you as a guest to our website. Works that are listed on the website or that you order are contingent upon a writer`s agreement to deliver the works to your specifications and by the prearranged timeframe.

As you place an order for your purchase, we will not accept an offer from you unless we send you an email confirming it, or, if we provide the online assignment help first, we will establish a contract for the supply and purchase of the online assignment help on these terms.

The email quote we provide in response to your initial request form will include the total amount that has to be paid. Any quote included in our email is valid for 12 hours, or for a longer amount of time as we specify, if we haven`t withdrawn it already.

Our email will clarify the specifics of your order, the amount to be made (including any applicable bank fees), and the scheduled delivery date for the online assignment writing services after we accept your order by email confirmation.

These terms could change at any time. The most recent Terms immediately supersede the most previous one.


Works that we offer are commissioned in accordance with your particular needs and requests. While we will make every effort to deliver the Works by the date we have predicted, all delivery times are merely estimates. As soon as you request work, you assume all risks associated with them in order to deliver top quality online assignment help.

Details you will provide to us

We acknowledge that you have given us, and will continue to give us, accurate, current, and comprehensive information about you and your online assignment help in a timely manner. In order to serve you the online assignment help, we require this information.

When you place an order with us, it is your duty to provide us with all pertinent requirements related to your online assignment help. We will send you an estimate based on the specifications that you submit using our online purchase form. If you provide further specifications after the fact, they won`t be considered after your order is finished. Additional needs must be completed, subject to availability and at additional cost.

You consent to submit all pertinent learning objectives and online assignment requirements within the deadlines mentioned in our email confirming your order.

You must send us any supporting documentation, information, or extra instructions you may have for the writing as soon as possible by email.

You consent to assist the writer as needed during the online assignment help in case the writer needs further details or direction regarding the task.

We will not be responsible for any fees, charges, or losses incurred to you resulting directly or indirectly from any delay or omission on your part that prevents or delays us from performing our obligations under this contract.

Notice of Disclaimer

At any time and without prior notice, we or our content providers may make enhancements to or modifications to any of the Works, the Content, or our website.

You acknowledge that there may be typographical or technical errors in the online assignment writing services. The information, commentary, and other items published on the website are not meant to be taken as advice. As a result, we disavow any duty and responsibility resulting from any reliance that you, any visitor to our website, or anybody else who may be made aware of its content may place on such comments, information, or materials.

We disclaim any express and implied warranties and representations, to the extent allowed by law, regarding:

  • The Works` suitability or sufficiency for your intended use.
  • The veracity or authenticity of any information provided in the Works or on our website.
  • Any implicit guarantee or requirement regarding the Works` merchantability or suitability for a specific use.
  • Whether our website is compatible with the hardware, software, or internet connection on your device.
  • Adherence to any legal requirements.
  • Non-violation of any legal rights.

We will make every effort to guarantee that the Works meet the required standard, but we cannot ensure the mark you specify and will only be held responsible if the mark is reached.

Despite our best efforts to maintain client confidentiality, we are not liable for the information included in any attachments you provide us or the personal information they may contain. Any attachments that include personal information must be removed by you, as the attachment may be sent to the editor without the information being deleted.

Permitted application of the work

You are not permitted to present the Works—in whole or in part—as your own since doing so would be a violation of our copyright. When you do this, you immediately forfeit the right to use the online assignment help in accordance with these Terms.

You warrant that none of the Works given hereunder will be sold, distributed, or posted on any other website.

You acknowledge that the opinions stated in the Works are opinions only, offered solely for academic purposes, and do not in any way represent professional advice.

You additionally consent to using the Works only for reference or research.

You accept that using our services or the online assignment help is entirely at your own discretion and that neither we nor our writers will be held responsible for any decisions you make that might violate any policies, procedures, or rules of your institution.

Safety of System

You pledge that you won`t seek to compromise our website`s security in any way, nor will you permit anyone else to do so.

You acknowledge that you will not allow anyone else to alter, reverse engineer, dismantle, decompile, copy, or create any unintentional harm to any part of our website or the software that runs on it.

You are aware that breaking the law can lead to criminal charges in many places, and that this kind of infraction is illegal. A few examples of infractions include: gaining unauthorized or unapproved access to data, Trying to break security or authentication protocols, or to probe, scanning, or test a system`s or network`s vulnerability, attempting to disrupt service to any host, user, or network, including but not limited to using "flooding," "mail bombing," "crashing," or overloading. Forging any header information in an email or newsgroup post, or any portion of a TCP/IP packet header, Taking any action (including, but not limited to, "cardholder not present" fraud) to get things to which you are not entitled.

You agree to indemnify us against any third-party claims or demand, including reasonable legal fees, resulting from or resulting from Any use of our website; any other transgression or breach of this agreement on your part; Any infringement of intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity by you or by any other user of your computer; any breach of the previously mentioned system security; or any offensive, obscene, harassing, threatening, libelous, or derogatory content in any of your communications.

We permit temporary access to our website, and we reserve the right to modify or terminate the services we provide there at any moment. We disclaim all liability if our website is unavailable at any moment or for any period of time due to any reason.


It is understood that you will indemnify us against any claim or request for reasonable costs, charges, or losses that we may experience as a result of your usage of our website and/or the online assignments, or from any violation of the intellectual property of others or other rights that you or any other person using your computer may have committed. This includes reasonable legal fees.

Contractual Exclusion

This section says that we won`t be responsible to you for any contract violations, usage of our works or parts of them, or any kind of deceptive or careless behavior (including carelessness) related to or resulting from the Contract. Furthermore, we disavow any liability for the deeds or mistakes committed by our writers or staff.

This contract excludes all implied terms, conditions, and guarantees, whether arising from statutes or common law, to the fullest extent permitted by law. These terms not limit nor exclude our responsibility for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, nor do they release us from liability for any harm or misrepresentation you incur as a consequence of our fraud.

The following is also mentioned: lost revenue, lost business, missed chances, diminished goodwill and/or similar damages, missing works, contract termination, lack of use, lost fraud of data or information, and any specific indirect, consequential, or only monetary costs, damages, charges, or expenses.

Our entire liability resulting from the execution or expected execution of the Contract, whether based on contract, law (including negligence or breach of duty), deception, restitution, or any other basis, shall be restricted to the sum paid or due for the Works.

Third-Party Rights

Nothing on our website or in this agreement shall confer any benefits onto any third party in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

Ability to Sever

Should a court of law determine that any of these Terms are unlawful, invalid, or unenforceable, it will be understood that they have been modified or reduced to the least degree necessary to avoid vividness and to meet with local legal requirements. After they are changed or lowered, they will have legal force. Every clause in this agreement is severable and will not affect any other clause in this agreement, subject thereto.

Unexpected Occurrences

We disclaim liability for any breach of our commitments resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as employee strikes, system failures, or redirected emails from third parties.