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We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. We adhere to the following core values:

  • We take great care in requesting personal information from you and gathering personal data about you as a result of using our online assignment help.
  • We retain personal data on file until we no longer need it or until the law requires it.
  • Our goal is to provide you the most control over what data is published publicly (or privately), identified by search engine spiders, and permanently removed from our website.
  • Our goal is complete transparency about the collection, handling, and distribution of your personal data.

Our policy on privacy, which integrates and explains these ideas, is provided below.

What This Privacy Policy Covers and Who We Are

Hello there! The people who created this website are us. For this Privacy Policy, we, onlineassignments.co.uk, registered company, will act as the controller of your personal information.

This privacy statement covers the data we gather about you when you use:

Our mobile applications (iOS and Android); our website, onlineassignments.co.uk; and any additional goods and online assignment writing services that are offered on or through our websites (such as plagiarism checks, if any).

We will refer to our website, mobile applications, and other goods and services as "Services" throughout this Privacy Policy.

We promise to uphold and respect your right to privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines the possible uses, processing, and storage of your data. If such personal data can be used to identify you as a real person, either directly or indirectly, it is considered your "Personal Data" and will be strictly accurate and secured by us. The information we gather, use, and share about you is described below, in addition to the choices you have regarding it.

Please get in touch with us if you`re experiencing any issues concerning this privacy statement.

How Your Information Is Received by Us

In order to fulfill our legal and commercial duties, we may get the information from you through contracts or other agreements you may have with us. We may obtain your consent and permission directly from you or we may obtain your private data from other people to those you have granted permission to share it with us.

Details we gather about you

When you visit our website, we might automatically get certain information about you, like:

  • Technical details
  • Internet Protocol addresses
  • Details about the kind of device you used to access our website and your interactions with it.

The categories of Personal Data we gather and the reasons behind their processing are listed here.

Why do we gather personal information?

We gather data for any or all of the following purposes:

To supply you with services following your online order for one of our services;

  • If you have already been a customer, to provide you information regarding goods or services you expressed interest in buying within a fair amount of time afterward;
  • To tell you about goods or services you have bought from us, as well as similar goods or services;
  • To fulfill our contractual obligations to you;
  • For legal purposes, such as in the event that you have a contract with us;
  • To furnish you with details regarding our offerings, should you have granted permission to obtain them.

Reasons for gathering data from you

We may obtain information about you if we are required to by law or by a contract, or if you have permitted us to do so in order to fulfill a specific purpose (such as sending you newsletters or services).

The legal foundation on which we process your personal information

We might handle your personal information because:

  • We must supply services to you because you have ordered them from us; you have asked us to do so; we have a contract with you; you have authorized us to do so;
  • To abide by the law.
  • We may lawfully process the information we have about you for each of these purposes.

Methods of providing information

With your permission, you may provide us with information about yourself, such as:

  • By sending us an email or completing a form;
  • Putting an order up on the internet;
  • Leaving comments and reviews on the website;
  • This data could be financial, educational, personal, or connected to your order.

For legal purposes, such as signing a contract with us when purchasing services from us, you might be required to provide information to us.

Data obtained from external sources

Additionally, as part of the services we offer you, or for other legal reasons, we may receive information about you from third parties with whom we collaborate. The files you submit, download, or access through the website may be gathered and stored by us. Kindly refrain from sending us any files that you are not allowed to use. Please refrain from submitting or sharing files with us that, without authorization, include personal information about you or third parties. We might not be able to ensure the security of such private data.


In any case, to you as a customer or potential customer of our online assignment help; and insofar as the circumstances permit: to you as a guest to our website. Works that are listed on the website or that you order are contingent upon a writer`s agreement to deliver the works to your specifications and by the prearranged timeframe.

As you place an order for your purchase, we will not accept an offer from you unless we send you an email confirming it, or, if we provide the online assignment help first, we will establish a contract for the supply and purchase of the online assignment help on these terms.

The email quote we provide in response to your initial request form will include the total amount that has to be paid. Any quote included in our email is valid for 12 hours, or for a longer amount of time as we specify, if we haven`t withdrawn it already.

Our email will clarify the specifics of your order, the amount to be made (including any applicable bank fees), and the scheduled delivery date for the online assignment writing services after we accept your order by email confirmation.

These terms could change at any time. The most recent Terms immediately supersede the most previous one.