LO1:Communicate complex academic or professional issues and defend ideas and recommendations.

MBA7067 – Professional Project Assessment 2 Brief


Work of Exceptional Quality

Above 85%

Work of Excellent Quality

above 70%

Work of Very Good Quality 60-69%

Work of Good Quality


Work of un-satisfactory Quality



Weighting (Sources of assessment criteria)


In all cases appropriate within the limits appropriate

to M level.





Introduction to the Context


Exceptionally clear and concise

Very clear and concise

Clear and concise


Research context but would benefit from

further clarification

Research context is under developed,

unclear or absent

Clear statement of research question(s)


Exceptionally clear and concise

Very clear and concise

Clear and concise


Research question requires further clarification.

Research question is unclear, unfeasible or


Communication and Presentation 20%

Exceptionally clear communication of near/publishable standard.

Clarity of expression excellent, consistently accurate use of grammar and spelling with fluent professional/academi c writing /speaking style.

Thoughts and ideas clearly expressed.Grammar and spelling accurate and language fluent.

Language mainly fluent. Grammar and spelling mainly accurate.

Communicatio n of thoughts and ideas beginning to be affected

Language not always fluent, grammar and spelling poor/moderate.

Often poor or ambiguous, leading to meaning being barely apparent. Language, grammar and spelling poor.

Research/ProjectAi m and Objectives 30%

Exceptionallyclear,explicit, feasible

Very clear, explicit, feasible

Clear, explicit, feasible

Explicit and feasible

Research objectives that require further clarification.

Research philosophy is not understood/not related to objectives. Other relevant considerations are omitted or superficial.

Referencing 5%

Exceptionally clear and complete

Very clear and complete.

Submitted, signed, complete. Very good level of detail included

Submitted, signed, complete. Sufficient detail included

Submitted and signed but lacking essential details

Not submitted Or unsigned

Assessment Title

Research Proposal


Assessment Number

2 of 4


Assessment Type (Weighting)

Research/Project Proposal (2,000 words) (10%)


Submission Deadline

27th Nov 2023 via Turnitin @23:59hrs


 Learning Outcome/s Assessed


Communicate complex academic or professional issues and defend ideas and recommendations.



Design, plan and execute an extended piece of work in critical research or professional enquiry to advance knowledge in the area of business administration.


Building from the work done in the presentation and formative feedback received on the professional project, write a report/project proposal of 2,000 words.This proposal is a more detailed plan as to the proposed professional project.This project proposal may also include updated and relevant literature encountered in the process.

Indicative structure of the research/project proposal:

LO1:Communicate complex academic or professional issues and defend ideas and recommendations

  1.  Executive Summary

2. Table of Contents

3. Introduction

· Background/Context of the Research

· Research Question/s

· Research/Project Aim and Objectives

· Research rationale

4. Critical Literature Review

· Key Studies and Papers

· Conceptual Framework

5. Methodology

· Research/Project Approach

· Research Strategy

· Methodology & Tools

· Sampling Approach

· Ethical Considerations

· Reliability and Validity

6. Limitations

7. Expected Research Outcome/s

8. References (Not included in word count)

9. Appendices (If applicable; Not included in word count)

LO2:Design, plan and execute an extended piece of work in critical research or professional enquiry to advance knowledge in the area of business administration

Ethics Form: RESEARCH ETHICS CHECKLIST (Form RE1) – You must submit a completed Ethics form via Turnitin as part of your submission. The form is uploaded separately. Please see Moodle.

This work is at Level HE7 and this assessment forms 10% of a 60-credit module. The pass mark is 50%.

Minimum References Requirement at Level HE7 - It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include four academic books and five refereed academic journals.


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