LO1:Demonstrate enhanced graduate employability skills,knowledge,behaviours and attitudes developed through working for the placement agency or through completing a skills development project


Assignment Details


BA (Hons) Business and Management with Foundation Year in Business


Professional Learning Through Work (Core)

Module Code


Module Leaders


                                     Component 1                       Component 2                        Component 3

Assessment Components

 Project Proposal                 Completion of Work Placement                Coursework

       500 Words                                                                                      3,500 Words


   20%                       Pass/Fail- 60 Hours Minimum                           80%

Submission Dates

    TBA                           20th March 2024                               22nd March 2024

Feedback Date

Feedback will be available on Moodle 15 days after the submission

All assessments must be submitted via Turnitin by noon on the deadline day.



Learning Outcomes



Demonstrate enhanced graduate employability skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes developed through working for the placement agency or through completing a skills development project, through guided and self-directed study, and through undertaking a study of this module. 



Evidence creation and completion of a ‘negotiated project’ (which could include a ‘work-based project or intervention’ or an alternative ‘skills development project’). 



Demonstrate ability to critically analyse, synthesise and evaluate data/information and research (including managing research ethics issues); construct informed arguments and present findings appropriately; and devise and implement evidence-based solutions and projects to successful completion, outputs and outcomes, related to a critical business issue within the placement employer or skills development issue(s) which the student has self-identified. 



Evidence ability to negotiate learning outcomes and formats of assessment to meet the expectations of Level 6 study, related to a ‘work-based project or intervention’ or a ‘skills development project’.. 


Your assignment should include a title page. This should include:

  • Module Name:
  • Module Code:
  • Student ID:
  • The exact Word Count of the submitted document.
  • The submission should also include:
  • Reference List according to APA referencing
  • Appendices if relevant.
  • Submission should be in a Word document.

The Report submission should not include your name because of anonymous marking.

Word Count: This includes everything in the main body of the assignment (including in-text citations or other in-text references). The word count does not include a reference list, Appendices, or footnotes.

Assessment Criteria: You must consider the Assessment Criteria in answering the assessment. You must underpin the analysis and evaluation of the brief with academic research, utilising APA referencing within the reference list. In-text referencing should be utilised. References should be relevant and accurate concerning the brief.

Assessment Criteria

  • The submission for Assessment 1 & Assessment 3 will be graded according to the general assessment grid.
  • The submission for component 2 will be graded according to the submission of BMM6452 documentation i.e. Ethical documentation and completing work placement proforma.


Project Proposal & Tripartite Agreement

Assessment 1. Project Proposal & Tripartite Agreement

You are required to submit a 500-word assignment, in the form of a (work-based) project proposal, and it should note a tripartite agreement (i.e., the proposal must include three signatures to note that you, the placement employer and LTU agree to the proposal). It should be succinct, and professional, and include a SMART project plan.

Below is an indicative assignment structure, this is a suggestion for discussion during our workshops. You are encouraged to adapt and develop it to make it your own so that it reflects your project, your independent learning, thinking and actions, and your journey.

1. Succinct introduction & context

2. Placement details overview 

2.1. Sector, company, department,

2.2. Role, length of service, agreed dates/hours of work

2.3. Three planned performance reviews - when, with whom, what will be reviewed and how i.e., what are the measures of success, how will each review be documented/captured, and how and when will each review be submitted to LTU?

3. What is the business project?

3.1. Why? And How will this project support/benefit the company, in what ways?

3.2. Detailed Business Project Plans

4. Which employability skills will you develop (by delivering the business project)?

4.1. Evidence of critical and reflective skills review, succinct discussion, and final choice of employability skills you will develop,

4.2. Why these skills? i.e., how will the chosen skills improve your employability and future career path?

4.3. Explain how the business project will enable you to achieve your chosen employability skills development aims?

5. Learning resources I have sourced to support my PLTW Journey

5.1. Employability skills development (which books, articles, video, audio, or other resources will you use to support your directed learning, and skills development aims?)

5.2. Business project (which books, articles, video, audio, or other resources will you use to support yourself directed learning, and delivery of the business project?)

6. Potential challenges, issues and suggested mitigating actions

What challenges/barriers to success do you foresee could prevent you from achieving your aims, and how do you plan to overcome them?

6.1. Business Project

6.2. Employability skills development

7. References

  • Accurate referencing in APA Style and relevant sources used
  • Every reference listed here is cited and referred to in the sections above and (vice versa)

8. Appendices

  • Project plans
  • Employability learning plans
  • Signatures of student, placement employer, (and LTU).
  • Completion of Work Placement Hours or employability skills
  • Development Hours: Semester 2
  • Final Project Report & Reflections

You are required to submit a 3,500-word assignment, in the form of a final project report, with reflections. It should include a review and assessment of your successes (i.e., the project outputs, outcomes, and impact, as well as the employability skills you have developed, and this should be supported with sources of evidence); the challenges/weaknesses you faced and how you overcame them; a critical reflection on the module and whole process, evidencing your learning gained and areas for improvement; and it should also include an academic review, of how academic study supported your project and development of your employability skills.

Below is an indicative assignment structure, this is a suggestion for discussion during our workshops. You are encouraged to adapt and develop it to make it your own so that it reflects your project, your independent learning, thinking and actions, and your journey.

LO1:Demonstrate enhanced graduate employability skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes developed through working for the placement agency or through completing a skills development project

1. Review of projects (with milestones and outcomes attained, assessed as fully, partially, or not completed, and with explanations, discussions, consequences, implications and plans)

1.1. Review of business project

1.1.1. Progress made against aims – did you meet expectations/plans against the agreed project plan? example evidence of achievements, outputs and outcomes.

1.1.2. Issues/challenges and what you did to overcome them

1.1.3. Outcomes, implications and conclusions

1.2. Review of Employability Skills Development

1.2.1. Progress against aims – did the project support your employability skills development aims, evidence of distance travelled?

1.2.2. Performance reviews

1.2.3. Issues/challenges and what you did to overcome them

1.2.4. Outcomes, implications and conclusions

2. Academic review (an assessment of how academic study supported the student`s work, incorporating theoretical frameworks where applicable)

3.1.1.The business project (a critical assessment and discussion on the business project from an academic perspective, thoroughly underpinned with theory, i.e. if it was a marketing project, discuss marketing theories, models used, why, how they helped you complete the business project)

3.1.2. Personal and professional employability skills development (a critical assessment and discussion on the Employability skills you chose to develop from an academic perspective, again thoroughly underpinned with theory, i.e. if you chose to develop ‘communication skills’, use and discuss associated theories and models, how they helped you complete your aims

3. Critical Self Reflections (a critical, reflective assessment and discussion on how you have grown/developed/increased your capabilities, by undertaking this module, completing the business project, and achieving your employability skills development aims, again thoroughly underpin with theory, (e.g., Bolton, 2005. Reflective Practice). Sections may include but are not limited to the following: -

 4.1. Undertaking the module

4.2. Completing the business project

4.3. Completing your employability skills development goals

4.4. Thoughts on employer feedback (i.e. your three performance reviews)

4.5. Learning gained through the module, workshops, business project, and employability development aims

LO2:Evidence creation and completion of a ‘negotiated project’ (which could include a ‘work-based project or intervention’ or an alternative ‘skills development project’).

4.  References

4.1. Accurate referencing in APA Style, and relevant sources used, and every reference listed here is actually cited in the text/sections above.

5.  Appendices

5.1. Updated business project plan

5.2. Updated employability skills development plan

5.3. Completed Performance Review documents

5.4. Example sources of evidence of the work you have completed and the skills you have developed (e.g., screenshots or photos, and example documents or other digital works)

All Assignments should be submitted through Turnitin to Moodle.

For Panopto 5 Minute presentations - please submit the video to the Panopto link (and upload the PowerPoint presentation if this is required).

Please carefully check the requirements. These videos can be recorded at your convenience by are required to be uploaded by the deadline.

Check Moodle for Panopto guidance.

It is the student’s responsibility that the submission is correctly uploaded in the correct format. The PowerPoint should be clearly visible and each slide on the PowerPoint should be presented together with the references.

For in-class presentations- these should be recorded in front of your tutor and should include a Q & A session at the end.

Formative Feedback - Check Handbook for details.

Check the Module Syllabus for the Formative Feedback Class.

Feedback will be available on Moodle 15 days after the submission date (excluding national holidays, staff sickness and annual leave).

You are required to use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style. Please visit the Library guide here for more information APA 7th Referencing Guide - APA 7th Referencing Guide and here Referencing - Library at Leeds Trinity University

Word Count: 

The word count for written assessments is as noted above, +/- 10% is allowed. This does not include the references list, bibliography list, or appendices list. If you exceed the word limit, any work after the allowed word count will not be marked. Whilst you are not penalised for being under the word count, work that is substantially under the word count will be more limited in meeting the programme learning outcomes.

Late Submissions:

Where there is no agreed request for an extension, a deduction of 5 marks will be made for assignments which are submitted in the 24-hour period immediately after the deadline. This means that work submitted one minute after the submission time will lose 5 marks. Subsequent deductions of 5 marks will be made for assignments submitted during subsequent 24-hour periods (not including non-working days), down to a mark of 40% for work of a pass standard and 0% for work of a failure standard. Work submitted more than 5 working days after the deadline will not be marked and a mark of zero will be returned.

Extension Request:

You may apply for an extension request through Envision. 

Mitigating Circumstances:

You may request that your late submission be excused by the university. For this, you will have to apply for Mitigating Circumstances.

Please submit a completed Mitigating Circumstances Form and evidence (which covers the dates of the assessment) to the AA for your campus:

Dudley Campus: Savera Kiran - skiran@ldtraining.ac.uk 

Nottingham Campus: Matin Ahmed - mahmed@ldtraining.ac.uk 

Stanmore Campus: Budhathoki Dor Bikram- bdorbikram@ldtraining.ac.uk

Please note that the circumstances in which mitigating circumstances apply are contained in the Mitigating Circumstances Policy.

You are able to obtain the policy and a form from the AA for your campus.

Academic Misconduct

If your work is suspected to have breached the Student Academic Misconduct Policy- your work will be graded with the code 11 and you will be contacted by email concerning the next steps.

Please see the handbook for further details about Academic

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