LO1 Locate and evaluate resources relating to business codes of doing business in a moral and ethical way;

Module code and title:

 FY005 Preparing for a Professional Career

Module leader:


Assignment No. and type:

Coursework (1500 words)

Assessment weighting:


Submission time and date:

5June 2023  Before 23:59

Target feedback time and date:

Every week in class


Assignment task

This assignment requires you to assess ethical business issues and challenges within the global business environment linking to corporate social responsibility and professionalism, and to reflect on your learning from the module and produce a CPD plan.

This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes:

LO 1

Locate and evaluate resources relating to business codes of doing business in a moral and ethical way;

LO 2

Explore an aspect of professional practice in more depth;

LO 3

Reflect on your understanding of the core elements of operating in a professional way;

LO 4

Construct a CPD plan.

Task requirements


You are required to produce the following:

Part A – Report (1,000 words)

A detailed report that examines a contemporary ethical issue within the global business environment and assess the likely impact of implementing a code of conduct and support from Governing Bodies (LO1, LO2 and LO3).

Part B - CPD Plan (500 Words)

Attached as an appendix to the report, a reflective continuous development plan that identifies learning from the module and how it will be implemented to aid in your studies and future career (LO4).


Part A – Report (1000 words)

Choose one contemporary ethical challenge facing the global business environment today from the module, and prepare a report that:

  1. Introduces and defines the issue/challenge chosen (for example CSR, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Environment, Corruption, Human Rights, Working Conditions. You must provide a definition of the issue/challenge chosen, give examples of how the issue/challenge affects companies, and describe how companies themselves affect the issue both positively and negatively e.g., what are companies doing to help eradicate the issue? How are companies adding to the problem?)
  2. Explains the codes of conduct that can assist in resolving / addressing the issue
    (Using relevant Codes of Conduct from your research, explain what the Code(s) suggests doing to improve the situation for both a company, communities, and individuals).
  3. Discusses the support and guidance available from the relevant Professional Bodies (identify which Professional Body Organisation(s) is best suited in aiding companies to deal with the issue you have chosen and explain why they are the most suitable organisation. You will also need to explain the support and advice that they offer organisations).
  4. Concludes with an assessment of the likely impact both the support and codes of conduct could have on the issue (identify the most likely positive and negative impacts that the Code of Conduct and Professional Body support can have on the issue from the perspective of the community and the company).

Part B – Reflective Writing & CPD Plan 500 Words (Appendices)

Upon completion of the Report, complete the attached template for a CPD plan (you can find this at the bottom of this document, or ask your tutor), ensuring that you give details of what you have learnt from the module, how your learning will impact further studies and your future career, and create SMART objectives to action the learning that has taken place with regards to business ethics.

You must reference all information used in the report, using the Harvard Referencing Guide.  

See attached grid for grade descriptors. 

Referencing and research requirements

Please reference your work according to the Harvard style; you can access guidance on this here: https://libguides.uos.ac.uk/academic/referencing/Harvard 

How your work will be assessed

Your work will be assessed on the extent to which it demonstrates your achievement of the stated learning outcomes for this assignment (see above) and against other key criteria, as defined in the University’s institutional grading descriptors. If it is appropriate to the format of your assignment and your subject area, a proportion of your marks will also depend upon your use of academic referencing conventions.

 This assignment will be marked according to the grading descriptors for Level 3 

Submission details

 This assignment should be submitted electronically via Moodle (module tutors will discuss this process with you during class time).

  • Please ensure that your work has been saved in an appropriate file format (Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or PDF are the most widely used; Google Docs is also accepted). Your file must also contain at least 20 words of text, consist of fewer than 400 pages and be less than 40MB in size.
  • You can submit your work as many times as you like before the submission date. If you do submit your work more than once, your earlier submission will be replaced by the most recent version.
  • Once you have submitted your work, you will receive a digital receipt as proof of submission, which will be sent to your forwarded e-mail address (provided you have set this up). Please keep this receipt for future reference, along with the original electronic copy of your assignment

Submission date and time

This assignment should be submitted before 23:59 UK time on 5 June 2023.

 You should submit all work for summative assessments by the above deadline. Work submitted up to three working days after the deadline will be accepted and marked, but the mark will be capped at the pass mark (40%) unless there is a valid reason for the late submission (i.e. having been granted an extension to the deadline or a deferral under the terms of the Extenuating Circumstances Policy).

 Work submitted more than three working days after the deadline without a valid reason will not be accepted and will be recorded as 0% RN (refer, no work submitted).

 For more information please refer to: http://studenthandbook.uos.ac.uk/index.php/student-guides/assessment-the-basics-undergraduate

 Feedback and marks for this assignment will be available in three weeks from the dead line.

Instruction to students:

  • You should use this template to write your reflective writing and CPD Plan
  • CPD Plan is worth 25% of overall mark

Student ID:



 Reflective Writing

(200 words)

 (Write a reflective statement on your personal development from the experience gained)

 Continuous Professional Development Plan

(300 words)

What do I want/need to learn?

What will I do to achieve this?

What resources or support will I need?

What will my success criteria be?

Target dates for review and completion








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