LO5:Critically reflect on personal development during and experience of the research or enquiry process.

MBA7067 – Professional Project Assessment 4 Brief

Assessment Title

Practical skills assessment

Assessment Number

4 of 4

Assessment Type (Weighting)

Showcase (Poster Presentation and Viva-Voce) (20%)

Submission Deadline

Oral defence of Project and poster presentation – w/c 1st April 2024

Poster Upload deadline 5th April 2024 via turnitin



Learning Outcome/s Assessed


Critically reflect on personal development during and experience of the research or enquiry process.


Communicate complex academic or professional issues, and defend ideas and recommendations.

This is the final assessment and requirement for the professional project, which showcases your practical skills in presenting, highlights your personal development throughout the duration of the project, and well as enables you to defend ideas and recommendations made on your research project.

The poster should come as a standard academic-sized poster (i.e. standard sizes are 36” x 48”

or 42” x 56” in a landscape orientation). Place photos, texts, graphs, etc.as you would normally do in an academic poster (other artefacts may be included in the showcase as you see fit).

More information and guidelines on designing academic posters are found here: https://www.bolton.ac.uk/leaponline/Documents/LEAP-Printables/Poster-Presentations.pdf Your tutor will also provide you more information and guidelines in due course.

The showcase or poster presentation will be in a designated room in campus, where the student will present for 15 minutes.Then, a panel of academics (which includes your supervisor) will serve as panel for your presentation to ask questions about your poster and research/professional project (lasting for a minimum of 30 minutes,up to an hour,maximum).

LO5:Critically reflect on personal development during and experience of the research or enquiry process.

Indicative Structure of the Poster:

1.Title: title of the project and your name.

2.Introduction: clear statements of the issues involved and the aim/s and objectives of the project.You may also integrate some key literature here in a brief or succinct way.

3.Methodology or Approach: explain and justify the techniques/approach used.

4.Findings and Results: brief outline of the project, key findings and main results (including tables and/or graphs).Be selective.Use only those that illustrate the main findings of your project.

Have the rest of your findings at hand in case anyone wants more details.

5.Conclusion and Recommendations: synthesis and/or summary main findings/results of your investigation/project.Furthermore,

you can also outline your recommendations and how your work could be further developed.

LO6:Communicate complex academic or professional issues,and defend ideas and recommendations.


This work is at Level HE7 and this assessment forms 20% of a 60-credit module. The pass mark is 50%.Minimum References Requirement at Level HE7 - It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources.As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include four academic books and five refereed academic journals.


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