LO1: Explain the role of the Human Resource function within an organisational context

 Module Title- Human Resource Management 

Module Code 

Module Level 4 

Module Credits- 20 credits 

Module Guide


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Module Introduction                                                               2                                                           

Module Leader Pen Portrait                                                   2                     

Module Aims                                                                          3                     

Module Learning Outcomes                                                   3                                             

Module Skills                                                                         3

Teaching & Learning Strategy                                               4

Scheme of Learning   / Module Timetable                            5                                             

Assessment and Assessment Briefs                                        6 & 7-9

Assessment Criteria                                                                10-12

Assessment Submission                                                         13                   

Module Expectations                                                              13       

Module Reading List                                                              14                   

Student Module Review                                                         15                   

 Module Introduction

Welcome to the  Human Resource Management Module

This module challenges you to examine the functions of human resource management and how HRM can be used by firms to increase organisational performance and gain competitive advantage. 

The following pages will answer some questions you may have about the module, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further queries.

I look forward to working with you over the coming year; I hope you enjoy the module and that you will make the most of the opportunity to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills.

Good luck with your studies.

Module Aims

This module aim is to support students’ understanding of the Human Resource function and its importance to organisational performance.  It will aid students’ knowledge of different recruitment and selection procedures that operate within organisations to ensure compliance with employment related legislation; good practice models will be considered.   The student will gain an understanding of people management enabling them to explore a variety of techniques to recruit and retain talent and different approaches will be explored.   They will examine HR systems and processes to assess compliance within the legal framework.

Module Learning Outcomes

LO1:   Explain the role of the Human Resource function within an organisational context

LO2:   Examine the effectiveness of recruitment and selection strategies in an   organisational setting

LO3:   Analyse approaches to talent management using best practice models

LO4:   Examine and assess HR systems and processes in management of   organisational performance and achievement of objectives

Module Skills

· Reflect on the application of theory to management practice.

· Contribute effectively and ethically in making judgements that would inform or benefit management                 practice

·  Demonstrate written communication skills in a range of contexts.

Teaching and Learning Strategy

A variety of teaching and learning methods will be used to develop student’s understanding of current recruitment, selection and talent management approaches through the use of case studies and good practice available based on research.  They will review different HR systems through external guest speakers and case studies, and their own place of work may also be considered.  Students will be able to apply the skills they have learnt in a range of different settings and they will be able to provide peer feedback through class-based discussions.  They will have the opportunity to reflect on the how different organisations manage people effectively.

Taught sessions and workshop activities such as case studies, group discussions and research tasks will explore a variety of relevant corporate policies and procedures. Students will present to peers their ideas and share thinking and understanding of effective practice.

Through academic skills sessions and individual reviews with academic tutors, students will develop their academic writing and research skills. Students will develop their independent research skills and explore how to analyse work related problems.

Learning Opportunities (Identify any additional experience or activity not identified as a formal learning outcome that will provide a student with additional knowledge or skill)

Within workshops, students will take part in research activities and questioning and will be encouraged to focus on CIPD and CMI best practice reports to develop their professional practice in an organisational setting.

Scheme of Learning/ Module Timetable




Learning Outcome




Introduction to Human Resource Management






Strategic Human Resource Management





Job Analysis and HR Planning















Performance Management/ Appraisal










Talent Management/ Career Planning & Development





Occupational Health and Safety





Global Human Resource Management


The timetable has been designed to build your knowledge and understanding of the module material over the whole of the module, therefore it is important that you make every opportunity to attend all timetabled sessions. Its development has been informed by feedback provided by previous students, employers and the external examiner, however the timings and content may change to take advantage of newly available learning opportunities which will enhance your learning experience. 

If any changes are made to the timetable, teaching or other study related activity, they will be communicated to you at the earliest opportunity via email and the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) therefore it is important that you check this regularly.


Formative assessment is defined in the Foundation Degree Academic regulations as ‘Assessments which are non-contributory,’ these will take place throughout the module to help check your understanding. They also help you to prepare for summative assessments and provide you with feedback which identifies strengths and areas for development. 

Summative assessment is defined in the Foundation Degree Regulations as ‘Assessments which contribute marks used to determine a student’s ability to progress from one stage of a programme to the next, and which are used to determine an overall award classification, are referred to for the purpose of these Regulations as summative assessments.’ 

The module comprises the following summative assessment components (total 100%):

            Assessment Element                                     Percentage Weighting

Assessment method- HRM REPORT


Assessments have been clearly structured and presented to support you, however if you are unclear about what is required, speak to your module leader to seek clarification. It is important that you read the assessment guidelines and assessment criteria in detail and use them to structure your work. The content of the assessment should provide evidence that you have met all the module learning outcomes therefore it is important that you have an understanding of what the learning outcomes mean e.g. explore, define, critically discuss. 

To support the development of your academic writing skills, it may be useful to devise a glossary of terms. This can be added to as you progress through the year and onto the next level of study.

Further information related to assessment can be found in the Programme Handbook.  

Assessment Brief 

Assessment Title: HRM REPORT

Weighting: 100%

Issue Date: 8th December 2022

Module Learning Outcomes Addressed:                All the four learning outcomes         

Task: - Given below:           

Foundation Degree in Business & Management (Year 1)

Human Resource Management (New Code)

School of Business, Management and Professional       

Semester 1 (Tutor: xxxxxxx)



Completion of this work will satisfy the following learning outcomes from module new code:

LO1:   Explain the role of the Human Resource function within an organisational context

LO2:   Examine the effectiveness of recruitment and selection strategies in an organisational setting

LO3:   Analyse approaches to talent management using best practice models

LO4:   Examine and assess HR systems and processes in management of organisational performance and achievement of objectives


“Nurses urged to strike for first time over pay”, Triggle, Nick (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-63150632 accessed on 26th October 2022)

You are required to produce a report that examines the HRM functions and its impact on organisational performance in a business context by analysing the NHS ( The National Health Service, UK) 

Consider the following areas within your report:

1.     the role of the HR functions within an organisational context LO1

2.     the effectiveness of recruitment and selection strategies to maintain organisational performance LO2

3.     approaches used to manage talent linked to organisational performance along with an exploration of              good practice models LO3

4.     explore HR systems and procedures and how they enable the achievement of business objectives LO4

You will need to include and reference at least 8 different academic sources including at least 3 books, 2 statistical/numerical sources and 2 journals that helps provide supporting evidence for any assertions that you make. Your report should be no more than 4,000 words +or- 10%. All written work should be submitted online through Turnitin, via Schoology. You must include both a reference list and bibliography.

This task will meet learning outcomes LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4 has a 100% weighting towards the assessment for this module

Issue Date: 8th December 2022

Submission Date: 20th February 2023       

Feedback Date: 20th March 2023


The skills development opportunities identified in this assignment are: 

·      The application of theory to management practice.

·      Contribute effectively and ethically in making judgements that would inform or benefit management                 practice

·      Demonstrate written communication skills in a range of contexts.

·      Effectively communication ideas drawn from your research within the presentation of your report

·      Analyse facts and draw conclusions through an examination of human resource management in a                 business context



Indicative Content


HRM Report

You are required to examine the role of Human Resource Management within a business context, looking at organisational development and the role of Human Resource management aligned to implementing change, workforce planning, organisational structure, growth and expansion. 

The effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process in a business context should be evaluated to consider how it supports achievement of its purpose and complies with legislative requirements under the Equalities Act.  Case law examples and recommendations for improvement should be considered.  

You are required to analyse the impact of staff development and talent management on employee performance. You will explore best practice models and the benefits they have on organisational performance. 

A critical assessment of how effective HR systems and policies such as Sickness, Grievance or Performance Management impact on business operations and practice. 

 Attribution of higher grades are associate with:

·      evidence of good research and judgements made supported by business theory within all written work

·      evidence of wide reading around topics to support conclusions drawn

·      effective use of the Harvard referencing format

good use of spelling, grammar and punctuation throughout all written work























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