The Innovation Report builds on the group project by identifying a solution for the challenge or problem you identified in the previous assessment.

The Innovation Report builds on the group project by identifying a solution for the challenge or problem you identified in the previous assessment and how the focal organisation will be able to deliver its revised value proposition. Make sure you include a discussion on this problem/organizational challenge and value proposition in your introduction to the report. Your introduction should also discuss the focal organisation`s consumer approach. This assessment brings together the topics covered during the trimester.

You will demonstrate how your proposed solution will be implemented by your focal organization through a revised business model that is different from the organization`s original starting point. You will need to describe how the model differs from the original one and how and why it will benefit the focal organization.You will also apply some of the demand-side strategy concepts we covered early in the trimester as well as issues associated with intellectual property protection and collaboration strategies. The word count for the report is 2,500 words (+/- 10%) including your exhibits such as diagrams and tables. References and direct quotes from the company director and key stakeholders are not included in the word count. You will provide clear recommendations that are well-founded calls to action linked to the rest of the report. Please ensure you submit your written report to Turnitin. Reports that have not been submitted to Turnitin will not be graded. Order now

You should aim to create something of a professional standard of presentation which you would be proud to show to the organisation, since it is the intention for all good reports to be made available to the business.As a guide, a report that scores more than 80% is likely to be forwarded to the business.The report is to follow the Curtin Chicago referencing style and should contain a minimum of ten (10) references, balanced between scholarly and other sources.Advice on areas to focus on in the report will be provided in the workshops and on Blackboard.Please review the marking criteria for this assessment via the relevant link on the ORGM5000 Strategy, Change, and Innovation Blackboard site

The Innovation Report builds on the group project by identifying a solution for the challenge or problem you identified in the previous assessment.

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You should aim to create something of a professional standard of presentation which you would be proud to show to the organization.

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Sure, here are the answers to your questions, which will guide you in creating a comprehensive and professional Innovation Report for your focal organization:

1. Introduction to the Report

Problem/Organizational Challenge:
In the previous assessment, our group identified [specific problem or challenge] faced by [focal organization]. This issue significantly hampers the organization`s ability to deliver value to its customers and impacts overall performance.

Value Proposition:
Our revised value proposition aims to address this challenge by [briefly describe the new value proposition]. This solution focuses on delivering enhanced customer value through [specific strategies or changes].

Consumer Approach:
The focal organization adopts a customer-centric approach, emphasizing understanding and meeting the evolving needs and preferences of its consumers. This approach ensures that the organization remains relevant and competitive in a dynamic market environment.

2. Proposed Solution and Implementation

Revised Business Model:
The proposed solution involves a revised business model that differs from the original in several key aspects. The original model focused on [describe original model], while the new model emphasizes [describe new model].

Benefits of the New Model:

  • Superior Customer Value: The new model offers enhanced value to customers by [specific improvements].
  • Profitability: It optimizes revenue streams and reduces costs, leading to improved financial performance.
  • Competitive Advantage: The unique aspects of the new model are difficult for competitors to replicate, providing a sustainable edge.
  • Organizational Agility: The new model makes the organization more agile and better prepared to respond to market changes.

3. Application of Demand-Side Strategy Concepts

Incorporate demand-side strategy concepts to illustrate how the new business model will attract and retain customers. This includes:

  • Customer Segmentation: Identifying and targeting specific customer segments.
  • Customer Experience: Enhancing customer experience through personalized and convenient services.
  • Brand Loyalty: Building and maintaining strong customer loyalty.

4. Intellectual Property Protection and Collaboration Strategies

Intellectual Property Protection:
Discuss strategies for protecting intellectual property to maintain competitive advantage. This might include patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Collaboration Strategies:
Propose collaboration strategies that could enhance the organization`s capabilities and market reach. This might involve partnerships with other companies, alliances, or joint ventures.

5. Recommendations and Conclusion

Provide clear and actionable recommendations based on the analysis. Ensure these recommendations are directly linked to the revised business model and the benefits discussed. 

Sampling Design for the Survey

Target Population:
Employees within the organization who are eligible to participate in the wellness program.

Sampling Frame:
List of employees from the HR department, categorized by department, job level, and location.

Sampling Technique:
Combination of convenience sampling and stratified sampling to ensure representation from various employee demographics.

Sample Size:
A minimum of 500 respondents to ensure statistical significance.

Potential Bias:
Mitigate potential biases through clear instructions, anonymity, and randomization techniques.

Each aspect of the survey design is chosen to ensure comprehensive data collection that accurately reflects the employees` perspectives on the wellness program.

By addressing these components, your Innovation Report will be thorough and professional, demonstrating a deep understanding of the organization`s challenges and proposed solutions.

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