Analyse key competencies of a global business leader

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MSc Management

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Personal Effectiveness

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BPP School of Business and Technology

MSc Management

Personal Effectiveness

FORMATIVE Coursework Assessment Brief

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1.Assessment Brief

The required submission for this assignment is an 800 words “Personal Effectiveness Report”. Your report will analyse a business leader’s personal effectiveness skills.

Students are required to complete One task:

1. Analyse key competencies of a global business leader

The Learning Outcomes that you have to meet in order to pass this assessment are:

(LO2) Appraise the key skills and behaviours required to be effective in a professional context.

Your Personal Effectiveness Report should contain the following:

TASK 1: Case Study Review

Analyse key skills and behaviours of global business leaders

1) Analyse ONE to TWO positive skills and behaviours of global business leaders.

You will need to:

  • Identify the skill or behaviour
  • Use a case study from the Hub or your own personal research to give an example of how a business leader uses it
  • Analyse why the skill or behaviour is beneficial

2) Analyse ONE to TWO negative skills and behaviours of global business leaders.

You will need to:

  • Identify the skill or behaviour
  • Use a case study from the Hub or your own personal research to give an example of how a business leader uses it
  • Analyse why the skill or behaviour is detrimental

3) You must apply AT LEAST ONE of the following frameworks of personal effectiveness:

Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Successful People OR

The CMI Code of Conduct

To support your analysis, you must refer to the case studies and use additional reading resources from this module. You should also include ideas from articles on wider leadership concepts and personal effectiveness from the online library.

(This task meets LO2)


Your business report should contain the following:

  • BPP assignment cover sheet (including SRN and word count)
  • Business report title page
  • Contents page

Task 1 – Case Study Review (800 words)

· References (Correct Harvard Referencing applied throughout, including in-text citation and reference list)

· Appendices

·Glossary (optional)

*(Total marks for introduction, conclusion and structure: 10% weighting)

Use of evidence in the report

Your report must contain evidence that you have read and understood the theories, models, additional reading and case studies in Personal Effectiveness on the Hub, and supplement this with reference to your own personal research in the online library

Which forms of evidence must be in the report

  • In-text citations and a bibliography: there must be frequent citations throughout your assignment; they should be supported by a reference list
  • Links to theoretical frameworks: there must be at least one framework applied in Task 1
  • References to the case studies: in the Case Study Review there must be references to the case studies which can be found in the Apply section of every topic on the Hub
  • References to additional reading and your own personal research: throughout your assignment there must be frequent references to the articles and videos in the Additional Reading and Videos section, and personal research you have carried out outside the Hub in the online library

Our Expert`s Response - (Plagiarised)

A global business leader must possess a diverse skill set to navigate the complexities of operating in multiple markets and cultural contexts. Firstly, effective communication skills are paramount, enabling them to articulate a clear vision across diverse stakeholders and cultures. Adaptability and cultural intelligence are essential for understanding and respecting varying business norms and practices worldwide. Strategic thinking and decision-making abilities are crucial for devising innovative solutions to complex global challenges while maintaining a competitive edge. Strong leadership and team-building skills are necessary to inspire and motivate teams across different geographies, fostering a cohesive organisational culture. Additionally, a global mindset, including a deep understanding of geopolitical trends and economic dynamics, is vital for anticipating and mitigating risks in an increasingly interconnected world. Finally, ethical integrity and a commitment to sustainability are indispensable for building trust and credibility both internally and externally, fostering long-term success and responsible global citizenship.

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