Provide some background information or argument as related to the areas of the assignment discussion.

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Foundation Degree in Business & Management (Year 1) Human Resource Management (New Code)

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I declare that this assignment is all my own work and that I have acknowledged all materials used from the published or unpublished works of other people. All references have been duly cited.

Executive Summary or Abstract

1.0  Introduction (approximately 300 words)

· Provide some background information or argument as related to the areas of the assignment discussion.

· Explain the purpose of report

· Provide a roadmap of what the reader is to expect in the main body (a list of topics that you will discuss in the main body)

1.1  Company’s Overview- NHS (approximately 300 words)

Provide a brief overview of NHS for the report (historical and statistical information will require citations)

2.0 Literature Review (approximately 1000 words)

(You must provide citation to support your claims)

Provide a general literature review on the following subject without discussing the selected business:

·Literature review on how human resource functions and HR strategies, SHRM help firms create value and gain competitive advantage

·The processes of recruitment and selection strategies (according to the views of authors)

·Responsibilities of the employee and the employer in the context of employee development using relevant theory to compare different talent management approaches (according to the views of authors)

·Human resource systems and procedures such as managing equal opportunity, employee health and safety, strategic human resource management, training and development etc. (according to the views of authors)

3.0 Discussion and Analysis of HR practices/ functions at NHS as per details given below (approximately 1600 words)

*Examine the human resource functions of the chosen firm looking at organisational development and the role of human resource management aligned to implementing change using HR strategies, HR Planning, organisational structure, growth and expansion.

·Provide an evaluation of the effectiveness of recruitment and selection strategies at NHS. You must include employment law and examples of case law.

·Provide an analysis of how NHS manages the development of its employees, including examples of best practice. Include the responsibilities of the employee and the employer and use relevant theory to compare different talent management approaches.

·Provide a detailed critical analysis of other HR systems and policies such as Sickness, Grievance or Performance Management impact on business operations and practice and procedures at NHS.

4.0  Solutions and Recommendations ( approximately 500 words)

5.0  Conclusion (approximately 300 words)

·Remind the reader the topic of the report or the purpose of the report.

·The conclusion should bring together the main points your report discussed or major ideas of the report.

·A summary of the most important points made in the report

· Summarise the solutions provided. For example, the recommendations or suggested solutions.

·(Generally new ideas and citations should not be included in a conclusion)

5.0 References

You will need to include and reference at least 8 different academic sources including at least 4 books, 3 statistical/numerical sources and 3 journals that helps provide supporting evidence for any assertions that you make.

Important points to remember and follow while doing your academic report.

·Your report must be in academic English, not as in daily spoken language etc.

· Your report must be impersonal, and never write in first person like ‘I’, ’me’, ’you’, ’yours’, ‘we’, ‘ours’, ‘us’ etc.

· Your report should be no more than 4,000 words +or- 10%.

· All written work should be submitted online through Turnitin

·You must include both a reference list and bibliography.

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