General quality and depth of analysis in answering questions (analytical competence & strength of arguments

Assignment Brief SC1

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International Marketing

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01/Group Presentation

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Not required

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1.     This assignment must be submitted electronically by 4.00 pm on the submission date.

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3.     Please remember you must leave at least 24 hours between submissions if you make changes to your work. Each submission will overwrite the previous one until the due date and time have passed.

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The Assignment Task(s)

Text Box: This Assignment was developed to assess the following Learning Outcomes:

•	Apply a wide range of theoretical knowledge and relevant methodologies to assess the international marketing environment for the purpose of identifying global opportunities, selecting/entering appropriate markets and designing global marketing strategies.
•	Develop in‐depth knowledge of theoretical concepts related to global marketing mix elements, differentiated buyer behaviours, global supply chain management, distribution channels, big data, digital marketing and analytics
•	Analyse complex international environments and market scenarios using relevant data and strategic frameworks and concepts.
•	Apply international marketing theories to enable the identification and management of relevant target international markets, and derive relevant market entry and international marketing strategies.
•	Work independently or effectively with a group as a leader or member, clarifying tasks and utilise the capacities of group members.

The brief for this assessment is as follows:

For SC1, students will be allocated into groups of a maximum of 6 members who must work together to prepare for a 20-minute group presentation by answering all four questions of a case study. Students should read the case study carefully and provide an in-depth analysis to answer the questions successfully. They are expected to demonstrate thorough research skills, and capabilities of using relevant theoretical concepts, academic resources, and secondary data to provide strong arguments and in-depth analysis in answering the questions and useful recommendations/solutions for the case study. The seminar tutors will allocate the case studies to each group in week 2. The case studies and questions can be found on the Moodle site where the assessment brief for SC1 is posted too. All the members of each team will normally be awarded the same mark for their group oral presentation, provided they equally contribute to preparing the presentation and that they attend their presentation.

The group presentation PPT slides (accompanied by any relevant notes and the reference list) must be uploaded to Moodle by each student individually by the 13th of November 2023 at 4pm. No submissions will be accepted after the cut-off deadline. Extensions do not apply to group presentations.

The 20-minute group presentations will take place in weeks 7, 8 and 9 during the seminar times and the schedule/order will be provided by the seminar tutors by the end of week 6. All the students must attend the presentation weeks, must support their colleagues, and must participate in the in- class feedback.



Group Presentation Marking Criteria (30%)


General quality and depth of analysis in answering questions (analytical competence & strength of arguments)



Use of relevant theory to support analysis



Applicability & appropriateness of recommendations/solutions



Presentation skills, time management, and teamwork skills







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