Trends in the new market, key players and size/market share, performance of competitors

 Marketing Plan

Gym shark entering the Chinese market

Table of contents

This is a report format assignment; you must add a table of content


Overview of the chosen company, key ranges of products/ services it sells; key performance indicators (eg. Annual reports – financial performance and other achievements; business objectives, mission, vision, market share.

Attractiveness of the host country Present the aims of the report – company’s website, online presence, annual reports, industry reports eg. Mintel

Market and competitor’s analysis

Trends in the new market, key players and size/market share, performance of competitors) – industry reports eg. Mintel, MarketLine, Euromonitor.; competitors’ websites

(Use Porter’s 5 forces, however, only outline key elements in main body of text)

Digital Marketing Analysis of the 3 main competitors, for instance compare website performance, examine top pages and traffic etc.

Environmental analysis

(PESTEL and SWOT) in the main body of the text outline only a few key internal and external factors. You may use the appendix for extended analysis and tables if you need to.

For external analysis use: news, specialised magazines, industry reports, case studies, and country reports.

 For internal: company’s website and annual reports, case studies etc.

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

STP Identify a target audience and discuss what segmentation basis have been used here to choose the target audience) – positioning – linked to competitors (e.g. positioning map) – compare their home positioning, international and new market positioning.

Marketing mix plan and implementation

Develop a plan using the 4Ps model for products and 7ps for services on how to adapt/ standardise strategies for the new market -search for journal articles based on keywords linked to each P of the marketing mix and the industry you have chosen.

Conclusions/ Recommendations

Summarise key finding from your report

Key recommendations based on finding of the analysis in the report.

Present the recommendations in bullet points and make sure you reference it.



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