LO1:Define digital marketing communications (DMC) and its role in marketing strategy


Subject Code and Title

MKG203: Digital Marketing Communications


Blog Activity




1200 words (+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes

a)Define digital marketing communications (DMC) and its role in marketing strategy.

b)Demonstrate an understanding of the DMC environment and apply it to marketing planning.

c)Identify the DMC mix and its application inmarketing management and planning.


By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Module 2.2 (Week 4)



Total Marks

100 marks


In this assessment, you are required to read from a range of digital marketing blogs, videos, articles or industry reports and create and write an online blog of your own reflections on current digital marketing practice.

To get insight into blog writing you can read a number of digital marketing blog posts. Here are two examples of blogs as a starting point to get an idea on presentation and style: Smart Insights http://www.smartinsights.com/blog/ & Digital Marketer https://www.digitalmarketer.com/blog/ (NB: You can also research digital marketing blog (s) in an industry that you may be interested in eg., https://www.digitalhospitality.com/blog .)


You are required to create a professional online blog using professional blog software. Either https://www.wix.com/ or https://wordpress.com. You are required to set up one (1) blog online and submit one (1) post to it reflecting on current issues and practices in digital marketing.

The online blog URL needs to be included into a word document, along with the post and the references used and uploaded as a submission to Blackboard. Please note that while the online blog is what will be assessed, you are still required to upload this word document with references as a university copy.

For the blog post, you are encouraged to use hyperlinks when referencing online sources as well as in-text referencing of other sources. All images or figures /tables used in the posts should be referenced. You can use a creative blog writing style and presentation style congruent with the professional blogs you are reading online. For example, when referring to a statistic /quote hyperlinking to the source; when referring to an important video, embedding it into the post; including images to support the text; completing the basic details the blog platform offers including: a title for the blog, header image, completing the about us and/or description section briefly.

This is not an academic paper as such, but you do need to validate your insights with support from quality references or sources. As a guide, the post should draw on at least three independent reference sources that should be referenced according to the latest APA referencing style at the end of the blog. Students are encouraged to engage with subject resources, essential readings and the Torrens University Library as a starting point for research for all Assessments.

LO1:Define digital marketing communications (DMC) and its role in marketing strategy

The blog post should be approximately 600 words (+-10%) in length. The creative set-up of the professional blog and description /about you is equivalent to the other 600 words.

Submission Instructions:

Submit a word document to Blackboard. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in Blackboard. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.Be sure to include a clear link to your online blog on the front cover of your submission as the facilitator will be assessing your submission from the online blog web address.

LO2:Demonstrate an understanding of the DMC environment and apply it to marketing planning.

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