You are expected to write a 1,500-word Business Evaluation Report where you are encouraged to choose an enterprise and evaluate its areas of strengths and weaknesses.


Assignment Brief

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Consultancy, Enterprise and Innovation

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Business Evaluation Report

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Word count


Submission Instructions:

This assignment is to be submitted electronically

1. This assignment must be submitted electronically by 4.00 pm on the submission date.

2. To submit electronically you must upload your work to the e-submission area within the respective module on Moodle.

3. Multiple drafts can be submitted up to the submission date.

4. Please remember you must leave at least 24 hours between submissions if you make changes to your work. Each submission will overwrite the previous one until the due date and time has passed.

5. You are reminded of the University’s regulations on cheating and plagiarism. In submitting your assignment, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these regulations.

6. You are reminded that it is your responsibility to keep an electronic copy of your assignment for future reference.

7. Your citation needs to follow the Harvard style referencing.

The Assignment Task(s)

This Assignment was developed to assess the following Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding

• Understand how to diagnose and evaluate companies and ideas

• Apply practical consulting to an organisation

Intellectual Skills

• Be able to develop appropriate research strategies and effectively apply research techniques for consultancy interventions

The brief for this assessment is as follows:

You are expected to write a 1,500-word Business Evaluation Report where you are encouraged to choose an enterprise and evaluate its areas of strengths and weaknesses.You are encouraged to briefly describe 3 main areas where your chosen enterprise is preforming well and 3 areas where they can improve.You are expected to focus on one weakness, explain why this weakness exist and suggest a viable solution as to how they can improve in line with their key strengths.

Students can critically analyse an enterprise of their choice and evaluate an area where their enterprise of can be improved and how.The word limit is 1,500. 

Students are expected to choose an innovative non-multinational organisation based anywhere in the world.Critically analyse its innovation and market position through categorising the type of innovation the enterprise is involved with and by highlighting some of its weaknesses and strengths after which students will be expected to present one thoroughly researched recommendation that is both viable and feasible for their chosen enterprise to help it combat one of the weaknesses the students identified.

The enterprise of choice should be in accordance with the requirement specified within your lectures. For example, Apple, Uber, Monzo, McDonald’s, Tesco and other MNC of the same size are not permitted.

You are expected to conduct in-depth research into your chosen enterprise, its innovation and its main competitors and to justify your recommendations for improvement using quality secondary data and proper market analysis.

N.B. The word count may be 10% more, but not less, than 1,500.

Assessment Criteria:

Each task is being marked according to the following rubric:  

70% and over

A very well constructed report with logical and comprehensive content. The report demonstrates a high standard of analysis and research. A very good understanding of the key concepts and implications of relevant conceptual frameworks. Overall style is excellent in terms of presentation and referencing.

60 - 69%

A clearly structured answer, with contents logically outlined. Presentation effectively conveys the analysis of key attributes of the chosen case study. Evidence of up-to-date research carried out. Understanding of key concepts and the overall presentation will be good, but there may be some scopes for development in these areas.

50 - 59%

Overall structure will be adequate to convey information but may lack some clarity in some analysis and discussion. The report demonstrates basic understanding of the key concepts and issues. The report demonstrates limited but sound understanding of the key areas. Overall presentation will be sound in terms of expression, referencing, and word limits, but may have some weaknesses in these areas.

40 – 49%

The report may cover key areas but lack a logical or coherent structure or have a sound structure but content lacking substance for a higher grade. There will be little evidence to demonstrate sufficient understanding of key concepts and issues. Key information may be presented but not explained.

39% and less

The report lacks in both coherent structure and substantive content. There will be little or no evidence of current or relevant research. There is very limited evidence of an understanding of key concepts. There may be significant and consistent weaknesses in presentation style in terms of referencing, expression, layout, and word limits.




Overall Grade

Introduction/ Company Background

What they do and how they’re innovative?

N.B. No Apple, Amazon, Tesco, Coca-cola, Monzo, AirB&B or other companies of the same category.

Preferably not older than 15-20 years.

Acceptable companies can be from student’s home country.



What’s their market position?



Who’s the competition?



How are they different from the competition?



Section Total



Identify 3 key areas of strengths



Why are they strong in these areas?



Section Total



Identify 3 key areas they need to improve on (weaknesses)



Section Total



Which of the 3 weaknesses would you recommend your company improve on? [choose 1 weakness only]



Why would you recommend working on this weakness in particular?



How do you recommend turning this weakness into a strength?



How will your recommendation affect your company?



Are there any lessons your company can learn here from competitors?



Section Total


General Considerations




Use of quality academic journals and books



Use of official company or governmental sources



Use of university blogs (optional & supplementary)

Use of news media articles (optional & supplementary)



NOT using Wikipedia, random blogs, unofficial websites



Section Total



Originality and viability of recommendations and logical progression of ideas supported by extensive research.




Cover Page                                        [Not Part of the Word Count]

ToC                                                   [Not Part of the Word Count]

Executive Summary (Optional)        [Not Part of the Word Count]

Body                                                 [Min 1,500. Max 1,650]

Reference List/Bibliography            [Not Part of the Word Count]

Appendix (Optional)                        [Not Part of the Word Count]

Use of Graphs (optional)









Section Total



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