LO1:Evaluate the benefits to organisations of strategic planning within the business environment.


Assignment Details


BA (Hons) Business and Management with Foundation Year in Business


Business and Management Strategy

Module Code


Module Leaders


Component 1

Assessment Components



100%  - 4,000 words

Submission Dates

11/12/23 – end of semester 1

Feedback Date

15 days after the submission date

All assessment must be submitted via Turnitin by 12.00 noon on the deadline day.



Learning Outcomes



Evaluate the benefits to organisations of strategic planning within the business environment.



Employ specific techniques, methods and models used in the assessment and evaluation of a given organisation’s strategy.



Investigate and interpret the external environment in which organisations exist and its effect on strategic planning.



Measure and interpret the relative strengths and weakness of a given business organisations.



Contrast appropriate strategic choices for a given organisation within a business context.


Your assignment should include a title page. This should include:

  • Module Name:
  • Module Code:
  • Student ID:
  • Exact Word Count of submitted document.
  • The submission should also include:
  • Reference List according to APA referencing
  • Appendices if relevant.
  • Submission should be in a word document

The Report submission should not include your name because of anonymous marking.

Word Count: This includes everything in the main body of the assignment (including in-text citations or other in-text references).

The word count does not include a reference list, Appendices, or footnotes.

LO1:Evaluate the benefits to organisations of strategic planning within the business environment.

Assessment Criteria: You must consider the Assessment Criteria in answering the assessment. You must underpin the analysis and evaluation of the brief with academic research, utilising APA referencing within the reference list. In-text referencing should be utilised. References should be relevant and accurate concerning the brief.

Assessment Criteria

Students will focus on a firm/organisation of their choice from any given industry/sector, situated in any national context. The report requires an evaluation of the environment of the business under scrutiny followed by a close review of the business itself. Students must identify the firm’s tangible and intangible resources, and critically evaluate the firm’s resources, capabilities and diagnose current strategies by using theories and concepts taught in the module. Students must then advise the company/organisation about future strategies and propose strategic improvements.

Work will be marked according to the assessment grid.


For this module, you will complete one written assignment – a 4000-word report. If you decide to include a rich picture in your report (which is a matter of choice), you will need to complete a 3000-word report as the rich picture counts as 1000 words.

Assignment Question

Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the management strategy and operations of a chosen organisation (in consultation with your tutor).

In answering this assessment consider the following:

  • The main features of the industry where the organization is nested that influence competition and profitability?
  • Identify the means through which a firm can develop its resources and capabilities to achieve its strategy. Analyse how the firm has achieved this over a selected period.
  • Critically evaluate whether the firm’s strategic capabilities create a sustainable competitive advantage. How do these capabilities align with their stated strategy? Use resource and capability analysis to diagnose the success/ lack of success of current strategies and advise the company/organisation about future strategies.

You should use at least two theories/models that you have learnt about in the Module to undertake the critical evaluation.

 Note: You have the option of producing a rich picture of the strategic situation by including relationships, lists of issues and challenges, capabilities, and the external environment.

The rich picture is optional.If you decide to do it, it counts as 1000 words of written text. For, a report without a rich picture must be 4000 words, but a report with a rich picture must be 3000 words.

LO2:Employ specific techniques, methods and models used in the assessment and evaluation of a given organisation’s strategy.




Submission Formats

All Assignments should be submitted through Turnitin to Moodle.

For Panopto 5 Minute presentations - please submit the video to the Panopto link (and upload the PowerPoint presentation if this is required).

Please carefully check the requirements. These videos can be recorded at your convenience by are required to be uploaded by the deadline.

Check Moodle for Panopto guidance.

It is the student’s responsibility that the submission is correctly uploaded in the correct format. The PowerPoint should be visible and each slide on the PowerPoint should be presented together with the references.

For in-class presentations- these should be recorded in front of your tutor and should include a Q & A session at the end.

Formative Feedback

Formative Feedback - Check Handbook for details.

Check the Module Syllabus for the Formative Feedback Class.

Feedback Date

Feedback will be available on Moodle 15 days after the submission date (excluding national holidays, staff sickness and annual leave).


You are required to use the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style. Please visit the Library guide here for more information APA 7th Referencing Guide - APA 7th Referencing Guide and here Referencing - Library at Leeds Trinity University

Word Count:

The word count for written assessments is as noted above, +/- 10% is allowed. This does not include the references list, bibliography list, or appendices list. If you exceed the word limit, any work after the allowed word count will not be marked. Whilst you are not penalised for being under the word count, work that is substantially under the word count will be more limited in meeting the programme learning outcomes.

Late Submissions:

Where there is no agreed request for an extension, a deduction of 5 marks will be made for assignments which are submitted in the 24-hour period immediately after the deadline. This means that work submitted one minute after the submission time will lose 5 marks. Subsequent deductions of 5 marks will be made for assignments submitted during subsequent 24-hour periods (not including non-working days), down to a mark of 40% for work of a pass standard and 0% for work of a failure standard. Work submitted more than 5 working days after the deadline will not be marked and a mark of zero will be returned.

Extension Request:

You may apply for an extension request through Envision.

Mitigating Circumstances:

You may request that your late submission be excused by the university. For this, you will have to apply for Mitigating Circumstances.

Please submit a completed Mitigating Circumstances Form and evidence (which covers the dates of the assessment) to the AA for your campus:

Dudley Campus: Savera Kiran - skiran@ldtraining.ac.uk 

Nottingham Campus: Matin Ahmed - mahmed@ldtraining.ac.uk 

 Martin Jones- mjones@ldtraining.ac.uk 

Stanmore Campus: Budhathoki Dor Bikram- bdorbikram@ldtraining.ac.uk

Please note that the circumstances in which mitigating circumstances apply are contained in the Mitigating Circumstances Policy.

You are able to obtain the policy and a form from the AA for your campus.

Academic Misconduct

If your work is suspected to have breached the Student Academic Misconduct Policy- your work will be graded with the code 11, and you will be contacted by email in relation to the next steps.

Please see handbook for further details in relation to Academic

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