Evaluate the resources pertinent to the execution of a digital marketing strategy as applied to a business context.

Assessment Brief 

Module Level:


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Module Name:

Strategic Digital Marketing

Module Leader:



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Assessment Type:

Digital Marketing Plan

Assessment Deliverable(s) as stated in the Module Specification:

Development of a digital marketing plan for an agreed company. 2000 words.

Weighting (%):


Submission dates:

Please access the module NILE (Northampton Integrated Learning Environment) site, and check submission dates under the Assessment and submission item within the Course Content section. 

Feedback and Grades due:

Please see the Assessment and submission section of the module NILE site.

Please read the whole assessment brief before starting work on the Assessment Task.

 Assessment Task Guidance Description

Learning Outcomes aligned to this assessment:

On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:

b) Evaluate the resources pertinent to the execution of a digital marketing strategy as applied to a business context.

c) Coherently justify links between appropriate digital marketing literature and contemporary practice within the planning process. 

e) Critically analyse a business scenario using appropriate desk research and make recommendations for digital marketing.


This assignment asks you to apply your knowledge of digital marketing strategy, by drawing on models, theories and concepts from the module, to create a digital marketing plan for a company of your choice. 

You are required to choose a UK company and develop an appropriate digital marketing plan for that company.

·       Present your work in a manner suitable for the report – You should include title page which clearly states the question you have chosen, contents page and an executive summary, as well as choosing an appropriate business writing style. 

·       Use an appropriate structure for your report – a coherent set of sub-headings suitable for a marketing plan. It is recommended that the SOSTAC approach is used.

·       You should include references to suitable academic texts and use Harvard Referencing throughout. You should also include other credible sources of industry information such as Keynote or Mintel reports. 

·       Your answer should contain genuine insight and critical appraisal drawn from the concepts and information covered during the course to date and your own reading so as to demonstrate digital marketing understanding.Evaluate the resources pertinent to the execution of a digital marketing strategy as applied to a business context.

Report Presentation

The digital marketing plan should be submitted using a conventional report structure. It is recommended that the SOSTAC approach is used. 

Guidance will be provided during individual and group assignment support sessions. Harvard referencing must be used throughout.

The wordcount for this report is 2000 (plus or minus 10%). 

General Guidance

When considering potential organisations on which to base the report, you should carry out preliminary desk research at an early stage, including actively following their digital presence.

Critical appraisal is essential. To gain a good pass mark you must move beyond provision of description and provide analysis and insight as to why this company is successful (or otherwise) from a digital perspective. In addition you should use relevant academic literature to answer the question. You are required to demonstrate your ability to analyse digital communication needs and to make recommendations justified by reference to theoretical models covered by the module. The work should be presented in a style appropriate for a business report.

Use of Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) within this assessment:

Some uses of Generative AI may deemed as unethical in your assessment. Further guidance on the conditions for allowable use of Generative AI will be given by the module team.

Please access the following position guidance from University of Northampton on the use of Generative AI within assessments.

Assessment Submission

To submit your work electronically, please go to the ‘Assessment and submission’ area on the NILE site and use the relevant submission point to upload the assignment deliverable. The deadline for this is 11.59pm (UK local time) on the date of submission. Please note that Essays and text-based reports should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .docx), or as guided within the assignment. Please access the following guide to submitting assessments.

Written work submitted to Turnitin will be subject to anti-plagiarism detection software. Turnitin checks student work for possible textual matches against internet available resources and its own proprietary database. Please access the University of Northampton’s Plagiarism Avoidance Course (UNPAC) to learn more.

When you upload your work correctly to Turnitin you will receive a receipt which is your record and proof of submission. If your assessment is not submitted to Turnitin, rather than a receipt, you will see a green banner at the top of the screen that denotes successful submission.  

N.B Work emailed directly to your tutor will not be marked. 


Your grade will depend on the extent to which you meet these learning outcomes in the way relevant for this assessment. You will be assessed on your ability to successfully address specified module learning outcomes, with marks allocated based on what is called a grading rubric.

The rubric is a table which has different statements for how well each learning outcome has been met, and is used as a standard benchmark so that all assignments are marked equally against. Please see the grading rubric on NILE, or see the final page of this document for further details of the criteria against which you will be assessed, presented in the grading rubric.

Further Assessment Guidance:

Please access the following document for more general information about the assessment process, including anonymous marking, submissions, and where to find feedback and grades.

2023 UON Standard Assessment Guidance. 

Marking Rubric:

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