Critically discuss how the Balanced score card (BSC) could have been used to achieve the strategic objective of the Scottish Parliament House project.

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Scottish Parliament House

This assessment is worth 100% (weighted 50% of the overall module mark).

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Following the vote in Scotland in 1997 to devolve power from Westminster, the decision was taken to build the Scottish Parliament in the heart of Edinburgh. According to the Scottish Government’s devolution White Paper, the cost of the project was estimated at £40million (Ahiaga-Dagbui and Smith, 2014). However, it soon became apparent that the overall cost of the project was underestimated. This resulted in the commissioning of an investigation (i.e., Spencely Report, 2000; Auditor General probes, 2000, 2004; Lord Carmyllie Report, 2004) into the reasons for the excessive time and cost overruns. By the time the Members of Parliament finally took their seat in Holyrood, it was apparent that cost had risen to £431million (House of Commons, 2005).

Because of the poor performance of the project, in 2003, a formal inquiry led by former Lord Advocate, Peter Fraser was formed. In 2004, the panel concluded that the project right from the start was marred by numerous issues that affected its overall performance.

Drawing from the above passage and as a Project/Construction management consultant working for Alinwoah & Sons, you have been invited to prepare an in-depth report that:

 AI and other similar tools are not be used in this coursework (see module handbook)

1. Critically discuss how the Balanced score card (BSC) could have been used to achieve the strategic objective of the Scottish Parliament House project.

1.1 To support your response to question 1, relying on the original schedule, present a table that devises the vision, mission, goals, objectives and targets of the key deliverables of the Scottish Parliament House project. (15%)

2. Investigate and critique elements of the project that potentially affected its performance in meeting the client’s objectives. Arguments and facts must be supported with relevant theory (present this in 04 headings or more) (45%)

2.1 At the end of section 2, you are expected to present a table categorizing the above elements according to the 04 perspectives of the BSC (min of 07 items under each perspective, the more the better). (10%)

3. Based on the findings of 2. & 2.2, provide suggestions and recommendations that could have improved the overall performance of the Scottish Parliament House project. (10%)

4. Demonstration of research/analysis and communication skills; appropriate formatting of the report; quality of the introduction and conclusion; quality of references using the Harvard style and free from plagiarism. (5%) 

As the coursework is based on the Scottish Parliament House project, you must review material that is presented in Blackboard under the folder titled ‘Scottish Parliament’. As the list is not exhaustive, you are also required to gather further information to support key arguments about project.

Learning Outcomes Assessed (from the Module Descriptor, available on Blackboard):

LO1   Demonstrate the application and critical understanding of the use of a range of processes associated with the management of projects. 

LO2 Critically select methodological approaches and quality methods to support the development and delivery of the project.

LO3 Critique the application of tools and mechanisms for their suitability for differing project environments and sectors.

LO4 Select an appropriate contract strategy to support the project.

The marking criteria for this assignment is detailed in the section titled Assessment criteria p. 5.


- There are written and video materials on Blackboard to assist you complete this coursework. Your 3000-word report should be sufficiently detailed to convey a structured and balanced argument about the Wembley Football Stadium. It is important that you use material on MyBeckett and credible research material from wide range of sources to complete this coursework. They should contain all the references that you have sourced in researching this coursework. You must use Harvard referencing, and your reference section appended at the end does not count towards your word limit. You may use bullet points to highlight your key findings, however, do not replace the discussions with bullet points. Any diagrams/tables used will not count towards your work limit. What we are interested in is the quality of argument you present.

-The module leader is available to discuss the assignment. However, you will need to book an appointment

through email or Teams


Assessment Release date: [09/10/2023:23:59pm]

Assessment Deadline Date and time: [23/11/2023: 23:59pm] 

Please note that this is the final time you can submit – not the time to submit!

Your feedback/feed forward and mark for this assessment will be provided on [04 weeks after, Blackboard]


The required word count for this assignment is 3000 words. This is subject to a + or – 10% compensation. In other words, if the assessment length is 3000 words, submissions between 3300 and 2700 words would be acceptable. You will need to be careful in the way you use the word count to support key arguments and facts in your report. Where possible, supplement information with material contained in the appendices.

The assignment must be submitted through Turnitin which would allow the module tutor to check for improper use of sources or potential plagiarism by scanning through numerous databases. 

Presenting coursework for assessment

Your written assignments must be presented in the following format:

- It must be word-processed in 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. Line spacing should be 1,5 lines

- It must be black text on a white background

- All pages must be numbered

- Margins must be as follows: Top: 2.54 cm, Bottom: 2.54 cm, Left: 2.54 cm, Right: 2.54 cm

- It should not contain your name(s)

- The number of words (excluding the front cover, title page, contents page, executive summary, reference list, bibliography or appendices) should be stated at the end of the submission.

- The following file-naming convention should be used for the submission of the Project Organisation and Strategy Coursework. [Project Organisation & Strategy] [Student number] i.e. [Project Organisation and Strategy] [2894573]

- The marking of the coursework is anonymously m


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