In CLI window, use “show running-config” to display all configurations of the 3560 Switch and include the screenshots in the report

Academic Year 20

Enterprise Network Design and Management

Coursework 2

Deadline For Submission:

XXth January 202X

Submission Instructions

The completed report must be submitted online.


Instructions for completing the assessment:

The coursework will be assessed by means of a formal report. The report must have a cover page. This is a group work.

Report part 1 (20%)

1.1 In CLI window, use “show running-config” to display all configurations of the 3560 Switch and include the screenshots in the report. After that, place a new “PC2” and connect it directly to the Switch using a copper cable, then include the screenshot.


1.2 Use the same procedures used in lab 2, a simple BSS to config and connect three wireless clients, PC0, PC1, and PC3 to the wireless router and include screenshots of successful connections in the report.


1.3 Use “ping” to validate the connections between PC0 to PC1, PC0 to PC2 (Vlan1 to Vlan2), and include screenshots of both.


1.4  Change the configuration of PC3 so that PC3 will connect to the Wireless AP instead of the Wireless Router.  Record the new configuration and new network layout in the report. Screenshots are preferred.


1.5 Use “ping” to verify the connectivity between Vlan1, Vlan2 and Vlan3. Include all screenshots in the report.


1.6 It is possible to redesign the above WLAN to a VLAN 802.1Q Trunk. The design of a trunk is given below. Try to redesign the above WLAN to a VLAN Trunk and include a screenshot of the final design in the Report. 

Report part 2

ALL answers MUST be based on Packet Tracer simulation. Internet sourced results will NOT be awarded any marks!

2.1  Once the simulation is done, please upload the packet tracer file in pka format to Moodle submission box! The simulation is worth 15 marks.  

Please name the file as 1234567_7654321.pka and submit

(Replace 1234567_7654321 with your actual student ID number

[15 Mark] 

2.2  Include a screenshot for the complete network of Branch H [5 Mark] [10 Marks]

Report part 3 (10%)

  1. Choose one stub, one large ISP and one tier-1 ISP and note their ASN and IP prefix advertisement.



[3 Mark] 

  1. Note how they are connected (the number of connections).



[1 Mark]

  1. Go to  and type in each of the ASNs and note the prefix size distribution, transits distribution and the AS path length to the collectors.



[3 Mark] 

  1. Go to back to and trace three hops away from the AS that you are currently in.



[1 Mark]


  1. Perform one or many traceroutes to identify the number of hops to an IP address in the AS three hops away from your current AS.



[2 Mark]

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