Choose a company and conduct research on the company’s ethics program, ethical leadership, and governance


Subject Name:                    Ethics and Social Responsibility

Subject Code:                     BBE 351A

Method / Type:                    Individual Report

Assessment No.:                Four (4)

Group or Individual:            Individual

Length:                                1500 words (+ / – 10%) for the report.

Weighting:                           30%

Trimester/ Year:                  Three/2023

Submission Date:               Week 12 (24 November, 5:00 pm)

Lecturer’s Name:               

Assessment Instructions: (please read carefully)

  • Choose a company and conduct research on the company’s ethics program, ethical leadership, and governance. Write a report to evaluate the company’s ethics program, ethical leadership, and governance, and provide 2 recommendations for the company.
  • Complete a written report in MS Word, font size 12.
  • Use Harvard Referencing style
  • Submit your report on Turnitin and ensure that your report does not contain plagiarism.
  • Please always quote your student, subject code and assessment number in all of your documents.

What you need to include in your report and presentation

Executive Summary

Introduction (write the purpose of you report and briefly introduce the company, approximately 10% of the word count)

Findings (approximately 60% of the word count)

By applying concepts and theories that have been discussed in class, report and evaluate:

  • The company’s ethics program: the company’s code of ethics, ethics training for employees, means for communicating with employees about matters of ethics, a reporting mechanism for enabling employees to report alleged wrongdoing, a system for detecting wrongdoing, conducting investigations and taking corrective action
  • Ethical leadership & governance
  • Conclusion (include an opinion on whether in overall the company has good company’s ethics program, ethical leadership, and governance, approximately 10% of the word count)
  • Recommendations for the company (at least 2 recommendations, recommendations must be linked to findings, explained, and justified, approximately 20% of the word count)
  • Reference list

Plagiarism Statement:

  • An intentional or unintentional Plagiarism is deemed by GCA as cheating and is completely unacceptable. The assessment must be formatted in the student’s own words. Where the internet is used for research, a reference list must be listed as an appendix at the end of the assignment. The Harvard referencing system must be applied.
  • Any plagiarism will result in a ZERO mark for that assignment. This includes the submission of assignments that are not the student’s own work or does not acknowledge the work of others.


Executive Summary

This report evaluates the ethics program, ethical leadership, and governance of [Company Name], a leading entity in the [Industry Name] industry. The evaluation uses concepts and theories discussed in the course to assess the effectiveness of the company`s ethics-related initiatives and provides two recommendations for improvement.


The purpose of this report is to assess the ethics program, ethical leadership, and governance of [Company Name]. Founded in [Year], [Company Name] operates in the [Industry Name] sector and has been recognized for its innovative approaches and market leadership. This report aims to determine how well the company upholds ethical standards and governance principles, and to identify areas for improvement.


Ethics Program

Code of Ethics

[Company Name] has a comprehensive code of ethics that outlines the principles and standards expected of all employees. The code covers areas such as integrity, respect, compliance with laws, and conflict of interest. It serves as a guideline for ethical behavior and decision-making within the organization.

Ethics Training

The company conducts regular ethics training sessions for its employees. These sessions aim to educate staff on the importance of ethical conduct, familiarize them with the company`s code of ethics, and provide practical scenarios to help them navigate ethical dilemmas. The training is mandatory for all employees and is refreshed annually to ensure ongoing awareness and understanding.


To ensure that employees are well-informed about ethical matters, [Company Name] employs various communication channels. These include internal newsletters, emails, and an intranet portal dedicated to ethics-related information. The portal provides access to the code of ethics, training materials, and other relevant resources.

Reporting Mechanism

[Company Name] has established a robust reporting mechanism for employees to report unethical behavior or suspected wrongdoing. This includes an anonymous hotline, an online reporting system, and a dedicated ethics officer who handles these reports confidentially and with utmost seriousness.

Detection and Corrective Action

The company has a system in place to detect unethical behavior, including regular audits and monitoring activities. When wrongdoing is detected, investigations are conducted promptly and thoroughly. Corrective actions, ranging from disciplinary measures to policy changes, are implemented to address the issues and prevent recurrence.

Ethical Leadership & Governance


Ethical leadership at [Company Name] is exemplified by its top executives who actively promote ethical behavior and lead by example. The leadership team is committed to maintaining high ethical standards and fostering a culture of integrity. They regularly communicate the importance of ethics to all employees and are accessible for discussions on ethical concerns.


The governance structure of [Company Name] ensures that ethical practices are integrated into the company’s operations. The board of directors includes an ethics committee that oversees the implementation of the ethics program and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The governance framework is designed to promote accountability, transparency, and responsible decision-making.


Overall, [Company Name] has a strong ethics program, ethical leadership, and governance structure. The company`s commitment to ethical practices is evident through its comprehensive code of ethics, regular training, effective communication, and robust reporting and detection mechanisms. The leadership team’s dedication to ethical behavior further strengthens the company`s ethical framework.


  1. Enhance Ethics Training Programs

    To further improve the effectiveness of the ethics program, [Company Name] should consider enhancing its training programs by incorporating more interactive elements such as workshops, role-playing scenarios, and case studies. This would help employees better understand and apply ethical principles in real-world situations.

    • Justification: Interactive training methods have been shown to increase engagement and retention of information, leading to a deeper understanding of ethical concepts and improved application in daily operations.
  2. Increase Transparency in Reporting Mechanisms

    [Company Name] should increase transparency in its reporting mechanisms by providing regular updates on the outcomes of reported cases (while maintaining confidentiality). This could include statistics on the number of reports received, the types of issues reported, and the actions taken.

    • Justification: Providing transparency in reporting mechanisms can enhance trust in the system and encourage more employees to report unethical behavior, knowing that their concerns are taken seriously and acted upon.


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