LO1. To critically evaluate and synthesise different theoretical approaches to business ethics and assess their impact upon the success of organisations.



BA (Hon) Business Management

Module Title:

Business Ethics

Module Code:


Assignment Title:

Assessment 1: Group Presentation


Assessment 1: 30%

Module Lecturer:


Word Guideline:

500 words

Assignment Timetable:


Date Set:

30 September 2022

Submission Date and Time:

17 July 2023 by 23:59

Expected Return:

20 working days maximum from hand in date

Learning Outcomes (LO) to be Assessed:

LO1. To critically evaluate and synthesise different theoretical approaches to business ethics anassesstheir impact upon the success of organisations.

LO2. To identify ethically problematic situations in business practice from different social actors and institutional stakeholders using theoretical models and frameworks.

LO3. To deal with complex issues in a critical and creative way to make sound judgments. To produce effective and concise reports in both digital and hard copy formats.

Assignment set by:


Assignment verified by:

Internal Verifier (Sept/Oct 2022) and External


Assessment 1: Brief for Semester 1, 2023-24


Assessment 1 is a group presentation. Groups should consist of 5-6 members. Registration of the groups is done by your tutor & must be communicated by (xxxxxxx).

You are required to prepare presentation slides (to be submitted via TurnItIn) and deliver group presentation (during the allocated time slot, which will be announced at a later date, but will take place in the W/C 17th July 2023).

For assessment 1:

1.Identify a company and one ethical issue that the company has faced in the past. You can choose the same company that we used as an example during lectures/tutorials, but you cannot use the same ethical issue discussed during lectures/tutorials.

2.Use the four-step approach to solving an ethical dilemma to analyse the ethical issue faced by the company.

3.Discuss how did the ethical issue faced by the company affect different stakeholders (both internal and external).

4.Discuss how company dealt with the ethical issue and in your opinion, how the ethical issue could have been avoided, which parts of the company’s response were appropriate and which should have been done differently. 

Maximum Word Length

State the number of words used on the assignment front sheet. You may include diagrams, figures etc. without word penalty. A sliding scale of penalties for excess length will be imposed according to the amount by which the limit has been exceeded.



no penalty



10% reduction in the mark



20% reduction in the mark



the work will be capped at a pass

 NB. None of the above penalties will be used to change your mark which is above the pass mark, to one that is below the pass mark. Therefore, the maximum penalty for exceeding the word limit will be a reduction to a pass grade.

Note: Title, reference list, appendices, tables (succinct with bullet points), graphs and figures used within the main body of the report are excluded from the word count

Useful Information: 

Library resources, study and research skills: http://libguides.staffs.ac.uk/libraryresources/ 

Exceptional Circumstances:

https://www.staffs.ac.uk/legal/policies/exceptional-circumstances-procedure.jsp https://www.staffs.ac.uk/support_depts/info_centre/handbook/exceptional/ 

Regulations: https://www.staffs.ac.uk/legal/policies/Acadregs.jsp

Academic Conduct: https://www.staffs.ac.uk/legal/policies/academic-conduct- procedure.jsp

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